Refund Policy

Accredited Training Refund Policy

Integrity Business College maintains a non-refund policy for payments or invoices made towards any of its services in the event of a student’s withdrawal from their enrolled course, regardless of the timing of withdrawal.

If a course is cancelled by Integrity due to non delivery of any program (removed from scope of delivery) at any time during the period of a person’s enrolment, then Integrity will refund the full tuition fees, the pro-rata portion of any student services and amenities fees, any incidental fees for goods and services that have not been used prior to the date of cancellation, and fees for materials that have not been used prior to the date of cancellation.

Standard Refund Policy for Non Accredited Training i.e. short courses:

Cancellation of Courses by Integrity Business College (not applicable to Government Funded Programs) Integrity Business College will refund the full tuition fees portion of any non nationally recognised and short course fee, and any fees for materials that have not been used in the course prior to the date of cancellation of the course.

Bookings/Cancellation and Transfers: You can transfer or cancel your booking without penalty, provided five (5) days notice of postponement or cancellation is given in writing or email or full fees will be payable. Payment in full will be required if the transfer or cancellation does not meet these conditions, however, a substitute participant may attend at no extra charge. Transfers are available upon further advice with Integrity Business College’s Administration Staff.