Ryan Curukovski, 18, has been on a three-year journey here at Integrity Business College. Starting as a School-Based Trainee in 2017, Ryan now continues his education with Integrity in completing his Certificate IV in Information Technology as a trainee, working full time as a Service Desk analyst in the IT Department at Centorino Technology.

In 2018, Ryan continued his IT studies with Integrity undertaking our Pathways program, which is provided to those students who are in their final year of schooling, and would like to transition their studies from a Certificate III into a Certificate IV. This is the pathway Ryan decided to undertake here at Integrity, where it has proven to be beneficial through gaining employment.

Throughout his education, Ryan has gained skills which are directly translated into his work, which is essential learning for students to gain eventual employment in their desired industry.

“I have gained several skills throughout my time here at Integrity, which are required for my current job. Learning communication and customer service skills, as well as practical skills such as Printer set ups/installs and networking have all been valuable, as it is something I require to complete my on the job tasks.”

Undertaking a traineeship is highly recommended by Ryan, who has provided some advice for those thinking about going down that pathway of employment and education.

“Go for it! Put your head down and smash the work as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so if you have the chance and knowledge to undergo one, you should take it, as it is a great way to set you up for the future in both employment and education.”

Down the track, Ryan is looking at completing a Diploma in Information Technology with Integrity Business College, to continue his education depending on his work commitments.

Ryan has showcased just how valuable the pathway to further education and employment can be to all students.

Congratulations to Ryan on his journey so far, and on behalf of Integrity Business College – all the best for your future endeavours!