In 2019, the City of Salisbury, South Australia, through Maxima, hosted five trainees in different departments and job roles through their yearly program. Jackson Stewart (Events Team), Maddison Scott-Winen (Marketing & Communications), Kirt Hasija (Clerical Officer), Jazmin Moritz (Administration Team) and Benjamin Hodge, who worked at the Polaris Centre at the council based in Mawson Lakes.

With Integrity Business College providing the training, these five students have now successfully completed their traineeship and received their Certificate III in Business as of the end of July 2020.

Through working in the Events Team, Jackson Stewart was able to stage events within the community, and through the development of his communication skills, went on local radio to discuss the events taking place within the community with the local Mayor. “I have specifically developed my communication skills – I feel that I am now more confident in speaking in front of a varied audience for a specific purpose. Especially, after speaking on community radio with the Mayor as a part of my role to promote the events we were staging.”

Madison Scott-Winen is full of support for the pathway City of Salisbury has provided her, and loves how you are able to receive on the job training and an education. Through her job role and experiences gained from the traineeship, Maddison is continuing on with her studies, and has been accepted in the University of South Australia to study a Bachelor of Marketing & Communication.

Kirti Hasija (Clerical officer) concurs, mentioning the valuable skills she has gained through her traineeship. These skills include gaining quality life skills, as well as developing her knowledge involving Microsoft Office. While Benjamin Hodge mentions that through his work experience believes he has been able to learn more about himself and develop his qualities. “Integrity and the City of Salisbury helped me better understand what type of person I am and really helped me define what I want to be.”

Online learning was the highlight for Jazmin Moritz, mentioning that through the delivery of training being provided virtually, she gained as much work experience as possible through her role in the Administration department at the City of Salisbury.

With the variety of success displayed through these five trainees, City of Salisbury in partnership with Maxxima, have agreed to hire five new trainees in 2020. This opportunity will provide quality on the job training through working in a beneficial job role, while also gaining valued training at Integrity Business College by receiving a national qualification.

On behalf of Integrity Business College, we would like to congratulate all five trainees for their success in completing their training at Integrity.

To the City of Salisbury and Maxima, thanks so much for your support in Integrity, and congratulations in providing an excellent opportunity and beneficial development for these five wonderful employees!