Studying at Integrity Business College can lead to various beneficial pathways. Ben Deacon, 19, started an SBAT course in 2017 by completing his Certificate III in Information and Digital Media Technology, and then continued further study by completing his Certificate IV in IT Networking. In 2019, Ben is now working full time in the IT Education Department, and has continued his valued relationship with Integrity Business College, by being a work place supervisor for one of the 2019 SBAT Students.

Ben developed valuable skills upon completion of his courses, which enabled him to directly apply these skills into the workplace, where he is working within a schools IT Department.

“I have gained many skills from my studies at Integrity, my time management which is essential to managing an IT Department is very good for the organisation and prioritisation of different projects and tasks. My IT Skills also increased allowing me to manage servers and directories.”

During his School Based Traineeship, Ben received valuable work experience through his time at Whittlesea Secondary College where he was an extremely valuable employee. Once he was completed, Ben still continued to work on at Whittlesea Secondary College, as well as becoming IT Manager at Lalor Gardens Primary School.

“This role at the IT Department in 2017 consisted of client technical support, management of servers and learning useful IT skills I would need.”

Over his two years of study at Integrity, Cheryl Hecker was his I.T trainer for the duration of his studies, and was quick to compliment Ben’s dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm within the classroom. This was also shown in his effort to continue to apply his knowledge from the workplace to the classroom, in order to benefit his classmates understanding.

“Benjamin Deacon was always an enthusiastic student who always contributed in the class, He would always volunteer when it came to helping others in the class with practical assessment tasks. Ben used his knowledge and skills gained in his employment in the class and enjoyed showing us all different IT skills and methods he had learned at work.”

We are very proud here at Integrity Business College to have gained such a wonderful student in Ben Deacon, who has gone on and continued his relationship with us post study, by providing a 2019 SBAT Student with a work placement. Thanks Ben, and we look forward to continuing our healthy relationship in the future!