Welcome back to our School Based Trainees for Term Two 2018. Our students have rested and relaxed over their well-deserved holidays and are back this week ready to get back into their coursework. We stopped earlier to chat with Youssef Sawan, a friendly and fun Cert III IT student, about coming back to Term Two.

Youssef told us about having a restful break over the fortnight away. He commented that the amount of work during term one was perfect, that he had a “nice amount to do” and the workload struck an ideal balance between too much and too little. Youssef is “anxious to know more” about his learning and “excited to be back” studying at Integrity. We love having such positive attitudes in our classes. When asked about goals for Term Two, Youssef was ready with an enthusiastic answer of “advance my knowledge” and keep “building for my future”. It is great seeing students travel further along their learning journeys and look forward to building a pathway for their future with their own skills and effort. Youssef is seriously considering computer programming for his future career and is confident that his time with Integrity Business College will help him build the needed skills to achieve his goals. He let us know that he felt his entire class shared his perspective that “it’s good here” at Integrity and that “everyone is keen to learn” more from their classes and trainers.