Ashlea Rae and Alexandra Rose are two hard working, diligent young women who have both just graduated their Certificate III in Business after sailing through the coursework. We caught up with these enterprising graduates to ask about studying with Integrity and being offered ongoing employment at Swinburne University.

Looking back at the value gained from her studies, Alex told us “throughout my year studying the Certificate III in Business I have gained knowledge that has helped me excel in my workplace. It has enabled me further my administration skills and become more confident in my abilities.” Ashlea echoed a similar sentiment and shared “during my year studying my Certificate III in Business I have gained excellent knowledge in an administrative environment. I have learnt to successfully undertake key business tasks as well as develop my communication and professionalism in the workplace.” Hearing that our students are taking on board so many different skills then go on to expand and apply them makes our collective Integrity heart sing, it’s wonderful seeing our students go out and throw themselves into career building challenges.

Alex and Ashlea took the time to reflect on their employability since undertaking their studies. Alex commented “the skills I’ve gained by studying my Certificate III in Business through Business Integrity College has enabled me to achieve full time employment.  I have learnt key administrative skills including time management, communication and proficiency in business systems. Learning these key business skills through studying has allowed me to become more employable in the future.” The crossover between what Ashlea had to say demonstrates the consistency with which Integrity and the students aim to deliver, “completing a Certificate III in Business with Integrity Business College has enabled me to improve many skills such as time management, organisation and problem solving skills. I have gained full time employment upon successfully completing my Certificate.”

Talking on the phone, we were told about the excitement Ashlea and Alex felt and how pleased they were with the results of their training. From our perspective, we want our students to walk away feeling educationally and professionally empowered, happy with their experience, and motivated to go out into the world and paint it their way. This success story from Alex and Ashlea could not make us more proud, and we send our warmest congratulations!