Max Bone has recently graduated from his Certificate IV Traineeship at Integrity, whilst working at the Bendigo Bank Kangaroo Flat branch.

As a result of Max’s great work and success throughout his traineeship, he has recently been offered a full time role at the branch.

Max has really enjoyed doing his Certificate IV, as it involved him working in a quality role that provides him with great satisfaction Max has all tied together to help advance his skills in the workplace over the past few months.

Banking is a true passion for Max. He aims to keep working at Bendigo Bank and has a desire to climb up the ranks and work towards potentially being a manager. At this stage, Max is to hoping to gain the experience to eventually get promoted into a Customer Relationship Office position.

When working as a  Customer Service Officer through his traineeship, Max finds himself doing tasks such as opening and closing accounts, withdrawals, deposits, and much more. Max enjoys the workplace, as he feels the workplace culture of the bank suits his values.

Max has obtained lots of new skills from completing his traineeship that he finds useful in the workplace, such as being able to manage himself and his time efficiently and effectively, as well as communicating in a formal, professional manner.

Max is an advocate for online learning, with Integrity providing online classes via our online virtual platform, Microsoft Teams, a delivery mode that he believes is a great way to receive quality education. Max found his trainers were always eager and willing to help him with any question that he had, and were always very supportive.

“I’ve really enjoyed my experience with Integrity and all the skills that I’m learning are very relevant to my job at Bendigo Bank. I love working at the bank, because it’s something that’s always been a passion of mine, and is something I would really like to do in the future. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to go down a similar path to me, particularly working at a Bendigo Bank branch.”

Well done on your career growth so far Max, and we look forward to seeing you achieve your career goals.