James Priestly is one of our Non-Trainee’s here at Integrity, and is currently completing a Certificate III in Information Technology and Digital Media.

James was studying at university in 2019, but had to drop out and couldn’t study for a little while. When he came back he decided to do a Certificate III in ITDM because he knew he wanted to work in IT.

“I really enjoy the networking side of things. It’s just really interesting to see how everything works behind the scenes, whether that’s routing or servers. It’s just something that I really love doing.”

James has been really enjoying the course work and has found it all to be really good at expanding his knowledge in IT. In the near future he would really like to look into cyber security, and gain some knowledge and experience in that field.

Throughout his training, James has found that he really likes his trainer and gets along with them really well. He’s also learnt some crucial skills such as time-management, how to follow procedures properly and how to have a good work ethic.

We’re very happy to have James as a student here, and are excited to see where he goes in the future. Good luck James!