Ary Par Lau is an atEast student currently undertaking a Certificate III in Business School Based Traineeship here at Integrity, whilst working at JWG Lawyers.

Ary has really enjoyed studying with us at Integrity, as it’s allowed her to meet new people and make new friends, as well as gain quality skills and development through both training and the workplace.

“Since a young age, I’ve always wanted to go into business and when I got offered to do a course in Business, I wanted to take that opportunity and make the most of it.”

When working at JWG Lawyers, Ary finds that she has a great time working there, and that all her co-workers are really kind, welcoming and always willing to help.

Ary has learnt lots of new skills whilst doing her Certificate III such as, basic computer skills, how to take notes properly and how to analyse things more efficiently and effectively.

In the workplace, Ary has learnt how to be much more professional, and how to engage with customers in a way that allows her to provide quality customer service and assistance.

Throughout the time that Ary has been at Integrity, she’s been going really well in her course. She found that the snap lockdown we had was a different experience however found that she was able to adapt well into online learning from the physical classroom.

Ary is doing fantastic work both in the workplace and in training. We are so glad to see that she’s putting in so much effort, and hope that she will keep making big strides in her career.