Through Headstart Bendigo, Zahli Drummond began her studies with us here at Integrity Business College in October 2019. Studying a Certificate III in Business as a School Based Trainee, Zahli has found enjoyment in her studies and work placement which have enabled her to develop a wide variety of skills.

Employed as an Administration Officer Trainee at Be.Bendigo, Zahli has developed upon her theoretical knowledge by gaining quality work experience in a professional environment.

“I have gained so much overall knowledge on how to conduct myself in a business environment. As a result of studying the course work Integrity provide and working at Be.Bendigo, the content is completely relatable as I can put the theoretical skills into practice in my role at the workplace.”

Dennis Bice, CEO of Be.Bendigo, has been impressed with Zahli and her development throughout the duration of her traineeship, and as such has offered her a role as full time trainee at the company in 2021.

“Zahli has been a terrific asset to Be.Bendigo. The process working through Headstart and Integrity Business College has been very professional and has enabled us to work with a terrific young person who has developed strongly throughout the duration of the program. Zahli will continue to develop and be a terrific asset for the company when she begins her new role with us when she finishes Year 12.”

As a result of securing a traineeship, Zahli will be continuing her studies at Integrity commencing a Certificate IV in Business. Zahli is excited to continue her development and is keen to learn alongside her fellow co-workers as a full-time employee.

“I have been offered to work full-time at my workplace and undergo another traineeship doing my Certificate IV in Business. This will be another great opportunity to further even more of my skills and continue to work with my colleagues. Although my role mainly consists of general administrative skills, through my work experience I have also watched and followed my fellow co-workers who have been amazing in teaching me aspects of their roles such as Marketing/Social Media.”

Peter Tyack (Headstart Coordinator Bendigo) kickstarted Zahli’s traineeship, securing her employment at Be.Bendigo and training at Integrity. As such, Zahli was one of the first Headstart trainees signed up in Victoria as part of the newly introduced government program.

“When Headstart Commenced last year, Dennis Bice put on one of the first School Based Trainee’s and has been terrific in his support along with Integrity. Through this, both parties have enabled a student to be able to receive their Year 12 Certificate. The encouragement Integrity and Be.Bendigo have shown Zahli has been superb, and to see Zahli develop and lockdown a full time role is a tremendous outcome. This highlights the benefits of what undertaking a school-based traineeship can provide for a young person’s development.”

Thanks to Peter and Dennis, Zahli has been able to go down a career pathway and find enjoyment working as an Administrative Officer. She believes this traineeship will open her career path moving forward.

“Working as an Administrative Officer has already opened up so many options for me, and I really believe you can take this experience anywhere. This way I can become highly skilled in this area and be able to have the freedom to move into the industry of my interest in the future.”

Congratulations Zahli, it has been wonderful to see your hard work and commitment paying off. We look forward to seeing your development continue as full time trainee at Be.Bendigo whilst commencing your Certificate IV in Business with us.