We are thrilled to announce our Student Profile of the Month!

Congratulations to Izabella Schrapel 

Izabella is employed by Microflite Helicopter Services and is completing BSB30120 Certificate III in Business School Based Traineeship.

Below are the insights she shared about her training experience and how she has applied the knowledge she acquired to her professional life.

Q: What does your role entail?
Through a School based traineeship, I am currently working towards a business certificate iii at Microflite Aviation. At Microflite Aviation I complete daily invoices, assist in the operations and reservations department, and occasionally mind the reception desk. I also help with any jobs that may need doing such as scanning and organising important documents, as well as more aviation related tasks such as washing the helicopters, helping with aircraft audits, and creating checklists for our fixed wing aircraft. Another activity I get to do at Microflite (and my favourite) is go on helicopter and airplane rides, whether it be an empty leg flight into the city, or cross country flights, or even test flights, I always enjoy getting to come along for the ride.

Q: What skills have you gained through your traineeship that you can directly apply into your workplace?
Through my traineeship I have gained valuable skills that I apply directly into my workplace. Some of these skills involve designing and producing spreadsheets, business and work documents, using various functions on excel, as well as organising and running work audits in both the work environment and on our fleet of aircraft.

Q: What advice can you give anyone who is thinking about undertaking a traineeship?
A: Do it! You can learn so many skills and valuable knowledge you may not learn anywhere else, not only that, the traineeship will teach you how to apply them in your everyday life and at your workplace.

Q: How did you find working and training together at the same time, is it beneficial?
I find working and training together highly beneficial as I’m able to learn skills and knowledge during my Online Classes, then after class finishes I go into my workplace and apply those skills directly to the task I am doing.

Q: How has your traineeship experience influenced your short-term and long-term career goals?
A:  My traineeship has significantly influenced my short term and long term goals. Long term, This traineeship has confirmed my my passion and desire to become a commercial helicopter pilot, and short term it has supported and helped me start helicopter flight training, and further my fixed wing flying.

Q: How did you find our Online Virtual training – is it something you would recommend?
I found the online virtual training easy to figure out and use. It is very straight forward with little to no hassle. I found it very helpful being able to ask my trainer any questions or concerns I had virtually, instead of having to communicate over email ect, where the response may take a while. The online training was beneficial as my trainer and I were able to communicate verbally, face-to-face. I would highly recommend this Online Virtual Training To anyone interested.

Q: Upon completion, do you plan to further your studies?
A: Upon completion of this course, I plan to get my Commercial helicopter and aeroplane licenses as well as other endorsements such as aerobatics and formation, to continue my aviation journey and career.

Q: How did you find the working relationship between yourself and Integrity Business College?
I found the working relationship between myself and Integrity Business College to be very strong and supportive. My trainer has always been supportive of my learning and assisted with any questions I may have been stuck on. They were also very understanding of my workplace and if I had any workplace or school commitments.

Q: Would you recommend Integrity?
I would highly recommend integrity Business College as all staff have been exceptionally supportive of not only my current course, but my future endeavours after completion.

 Quote from Gillian Reaburn – Headstart Director – Bayside and Peninsula Area

“Congratulations Izabella this is wonderful news and well deserved, great to see you continuing your journey in your chosen pathway to become a commercial pilot with the support of the Head Start program and Integrity Business College.”