We are thrilled to announce our Student Profile of the Month!

Congratulations to Gracie Shorney who is completing a traineeship in BSB30120 – Certificate III in Business with Aqua Tap Plumbing Pty Ltd 

Below are the insights she shared about her training experience and how she has applied the knowledge she acquired to her professional life.

Q: What does your role entail?
A: My role at Aqua Tap entails answering and sending emails, making, and answering phone calls, organising, and booking recycled water inspections for all areas, filling out and setting up any necessary QA works and helping the Warehouse by entering in any stock we receive and many more administration aspects.

Q: What skills have you gained through your traineeship that you can directly apply into your workplace?
A: I have learnt a lot throughout my traineeship that has helped me within my workplace and that will continue to benefit me as I continue my working life. Some important aspects I have learnt are professional manners, goal setting within the workplace, communication skills and how to professionally communicate within the workplace, as well as writing simple documents and many more.

Q: What aspects of your training have brought you the greatest enjoyment thus far?
A: Some aspects that I have enjoyed the most would be writing simple documents and learning how to navigate Excel correctly. These are skills that are extremely important within my role as I send emails and use Excel daily. Having more knowledge around these areas is very helpful as I can make sure that not only, do I understand how to use these platforms correctly but that my work is also benefitting other staff members and fitting in with their criteria.

Q: What advice can you give anyone who is thinking about undertaking a traineeship?
A: Undertaking a traineeship was one of the best choices I have made. I didn’t think I would want to continue studying as I just finished year 12 and thought that my education and study had come to an end. However, if there is one thing I have learnt while being here at Aqua Tap is that you learn something new every day and learning doesn’t come to an end whether you are studying or not. My traineeship has benefitted me in many ways and has not only improved my experience but has allowed me to continue learning while working in a professional workplace.

Q: How did you find our Online Virtual training – is it something you would recommend?
A: Having classes virtually is an easy and practical way to learn as you are not required to travel and are given all the necessary tools needed to complete the set tasks. I would recommend online virtual training as it is very easy to communicate with your teacher and if any extra support is required you can simply send your teacher an email and get a response before or within the 24-hour mark.

Q: How did you find working and training together at the same time, is it beneficial?
A: I found working and training at the same time very beneficial as I had a great routine put in place from the very beginning of my traineeship. I had set days and times that I would work on my schoolwork which allowed me to complete all tasks in the correct amount of time and not let my work interfere with my school.

Q; How has your traineeship experience influenced your short-term and long-term career goals?
A: My traineeship experience has influenced my short- and long-term goals as doing a traineeship has shown me that you can still study and earn an income at the same time and that you do not have to compromise learning over financial needs. Completing my traineeship has also given me a certificate that will benefit me within my future as well as knowledge that is valuable for long term needs. All the above will help me throughout my working life as I aim to further my learning in administration.

Q: Upon completion, do you plan to further your studies?
A: If I have the opportunity, I will continue my studies as there are many benefits to continuing. Continuing to study will allow me to gain further knowledge that will positively benefit me regarding my position here at Aqua Tap.

Q: How did you find the working relationship between yourself and Integrity Business College?
A: Integrity Business College is amazing to work with and supplies a great support system for me throughout my traineeship. Frequent workplace visits occurred to make sure I was on track and heading in the right direction. Calls were also made asking me how I am liking my traineeship and if there are any issues I wanted to address. Integrity Business College is always making sure they are doing their best they can to make your experience stress-free and beneficial.

Q: Would you recommend Integrity?
A: Yes, I would 100% recommend Integrity Business College due to the constant support I receive and continue to receive, as well as the high level of organisation.

Gracie, your outstanding commitment, diligent efforts, and unwavering dedication have set you apart as an exceptional student. Congratulations on your well-deserved achievement!