Meet Georgia our Student of Month!

Georgia is currently completing her Certificate IV in Business with Scott Legal .

We recently sat down with Georgia to ask her thoughts on the course and a little about herself, here is what she had to say.

Q:What does your role entail?
A:My role at Scott Legal is as receptionist, but this course is giving me general business world skills and will definitely help in the future and is already helping me now.

Q:What do you enjoy most about the course?
A:That I can work at my own pace, the content is practical and relevant to my workplace

Q:What skills have you gained through your traineeship that you can directly apply into your workplace?
A:Improved communications (internal and external), building on skills using computer programs, communication, learning to think more deeply about tasks that im doing instead of quick thoughts that may not be as effective.

Q:Upon completion, do you plan to further your studies?
A:Yes I am seriously thinking about doing this. I never would have thought I would have wanted to, but this experience has been positive and I am keen to keep building my experience and knowledge

When asked about Georgia, Bernadette, Georgia’s trainer had this to say.
Georgia is engaged in every class & makes a connection with her job role in each exercise for each unit that is being completed.”

We’re so proud of how Georgia and the quality of work she is submitting and we are excited to see where Georgia is able to go in the future.

Well done Georgia!