We are thrilled to announce our Business Student Profile of the Month!

Congratulations to Miranda Stewart who has just completed a traineeship in BSB30120 – Certificate III in Business with Brenner International Pty Ltd  

Below are the insights she shared about her training experience and how she has applied the knowledge she acquired to her professional life.

Q: What does your role entail?
A: My job at Brenner International is primarily taking care of day-to-day admin and reception roles, as well as helping assist my supervisors Annie & Mark with whatever they need. This includes taking phone calls and sending emails, sending orders, making entries into MYOB such as bills and statements etc, filing, and updating our job logging systems. I also organise many of our couriers and deliveries and occasionally help with some stock allocation.

Q: What have you gained most from your traineeship at Integrity?
A: I think I’ve gained some really valuable skills, such as task prioritising, risk management, Excel, and communication skills. I’ve also gained confidence in the workplace.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the course?
A: I generally really enjoy learning, especially when I can apply it in my workplace. I’ve enjoyed that it is more self-paced and there a lot of different units, so lots of topics to cover.

Q: What skills have you gained through your traineeship that you can directly apply into your workplace?
A: I think the primary skill I’ve learned is task prioritising. The BSBPEF301 unit was helpful for this, and I feel as though it improved my skills within the office too. I think I’m better now at analysing which tasks are more important and going from there. Also, the Excel units I did were useful as I utilise Excel every day at work.

Q: What advice can you give anyone who is thinking about undertaking a traineeship?
A: I think its really beneficial to do a traineeship. Whether you are certain of what you want to do or you’re still unsure, doing a traineeship and developing certain skills will help you no matter what career path you take. It also provides great experience as you can gain an insight into business processes.

Q: How did you find our Online Virtual training – is it something you would recommend?
A: Personally, I I’ve always preferred online training/school, especially when you have access to trainers like you do at Integrity. I like that I can work at my own pace with no real distractions. It also suits my working environment, as some days are busier than others and that allows me to get my work done at a convenient time.

Q: How did you find working and training together at the same time, is it beneficial?
A: I think its valuable doing both at the same time. It makes it much easier to integrate and apply your learnings into the workplace.

Q: Would you recommend Integrity? I would definitely recommend Integrity! I’ve been very happy with the units and my trainer Sharon. I think it’s a really great place to develop skills that are applicable to the workplace.

Q: How did you find the working relationship between yourself and Integrity Business College?
A: I thought it was great. My trainer Sharon was really lovely and created a comfortable space to ask questions. Integrity were great with communication and the workplace visits and meetings were helpful place to discuss any questions or ideas I had.

Miranda, your exceptional dedication,  hard work, and  commitment have distinguished you as an exemplary student. Congratulations!