We are thrilled to announce our Business Student Profile of the Month!

Congratulations to Maddison Reid who is completing her traineeship in BSB30120 – Certificate III in Business facilitated by Westvic Staffing Solutions and undertaken at the Department of Education in Sale 

Below are the insights she shared about her training experience and how she has applied the knowledge she acquired to her professional life.

Q: What does your role entail?
A: I am an Administration Support Officer for the Outer Gippsland Area at the Department of Education.
Admin Support entails a wide range of duties / responsibilities such as creating requisitions and paying invoices, servicing, cleaning, and dealing with fleet cars, organising, and booking accommodation for staff, organising catering for conferences, completing stationery orders, responding to emails and also on sight duties in the office like responding to the front desk and helping out staff with varying tasks.

Q: What skills have you gained through your traineeship that you can directly apply into your workplace?
A: Throughout my traineeship I have learnt so many skills that I apply to my workplace.

  • I have learned to work effectively individually and in a team.
  • I have learned how to manage high intensity workloads within a time frame.
  • I have learnt the importance of communicating and listening in a working environment.
  • I have learnt how to problem solve individually.
  • I have gained confidence in my work and am proud of what I can achieve.

Q: What aspects of your training have brought you the greatest enjoyment thus far?
A: Although I’ve really enjoyed all aspects of my training so far, the thing that have brought me the most enjoyment are the people. You couldn’t ask for better people who truly care about your learning and are always there to support and help you when you need it. I also really enjoy the flexibility of the training especially whilst working full time.

Q: What advice can you give anyone who is thinking about undertaking a traineeship?
A: I highly recommend undertaking a traineeship, you will gain experience and learn so much. There are so many pathways and opportunities after you finish a traineeship. And make sure you do something you enjoy!!

Q: How did you find our Online Virtual training – is it something you would recommend?
A: I really enjoy being able to virtually complete my Certificate III in Business. Being from regional Victoria there are less opportunities to study and work, but Integrity Business College can provide me with online training 3 hours every 3 weeks which I find inclusive and so beneficial.

Q: How did you find working and training together at the same time, is it beneficial?
A: I find it beneficial to work and train at the same time because my course relates a lot to my work, therefore I can use them hand in hand. Completing both my traineeship and my training in the same year is so beneficial to me as it will prepare me for next year when I follow into my career path.

Q: How has your traineeship experience influenced your short-term and long-term career goals?
A: My traineeship has helped me realise that I really enjoy working with The Department of Education and I would love to further my career in Administration Support.

Q: Upon completion, do you plan to further your studies?
A: I have discussed the possibility of furthering my studies and completing a Certificate IV in Business next year. If I do decide to, I would love to continue studying with Integrity Business College.

Q: How did you find the working relationship between yourself and Integrity Business College?
A: Amazing. Integrity Business College staff have been fantastic to me, always helping when I need it and very quick to respond.

Q: Would you recommend Integrity?
A: I 100% recommend Integrity! I love being a part of Integrity Business College, not only is it a great company to study with but the Integrity staff are so kind and approachable. My trainer Kaelene and Operations Manager Dylan have been incredible and so supportive of me throughout the entirety of my training and I appreciate it so much.

Maddison, your exceptional dedication,  hard work, and  commitment have distinguished you as an exemplary student. Congratulations!