We are thrilled to announce our Business Student Profile of the Month!

Congratulations to Teisha Sparrow who is currently completing a traineeship in BSB30120 – Certificate III in Business through WPC Group and hosted to Jordan Plumbing.  

Below are the insights she shared about her training experience and how she has applied the knowledge she acquired to her professional life.

Q: What does your role entail?
A: My role is Project Administration, I complete safety documents and keep all paperwork on a time schedule for when it needs to be submitted as well as contacting suppliers and counting/ordering products for each job.

Q: What have you gained most so far from your traineeship at Integrity?
A: I have gained many new skills from taking this course, like document writing, organisational skills, and a better understanding of the background knowledge and processes required for businesses.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the course?
A: I enjoy the part 2 of the Assessments where I am given the opportunity to create documents, poster, and spreadsheets in a professional manner.

Q: How do you find working and training together at the same time, is it beneficial?
A: I found training and working at the same time to be very beneficial as the training is helping me apply what I have learnt to my employment. It brings a balance and helps develop the skills necessary.

Q: How did you find the working relationship between yourself and Integrity Business College?
A: I have found that the processes set up for the online learning was done in a brilliant way to make my relationship with Integrity have no faults, as all my lessons are easy to follow and fun to be apart of.

Q: Upon completion, do you plan to further your studies?
A: Yes, I have been debating on either completing the Cert IV in Leadership and Management or a Diploma of Business.

Q: Would you recommend Integrity?
A: Yes, I have found that all employees from Integrity that I have had contact with have been professional, polite, and understanding, which made for a smooth learning experience.

Teisha your commitment, tireless efforts and unwavering dedication have set you apart as an outstanding student. Well Done!