Integrity Business College provided Steph Darby the opportunity to study Certificate III in Business. Steph chose Integrity Business College, as it offered a mid-year enrolment. Steph is going into Year 12 in 2019 at St Columba’s College in Essendon.

Steph thrives on a variety of projects and assignments that are required when undertaking Certificate III in Business, and she emphasises this is due to the relaxed and friendly environment that is displayed. She pays compliments to her course teacher, Frances Murphy.

“Frances is super helpful and always answers all questions asked, it helps a lot when trying to understand the procedures of how to run a business.”

Through Steph’s hard work ethic and Frances’ guidance, Steph is able to learn about creating business events and models through the use of Microsoft programs, such as Publisher, Word and Excel.

Steph aims to open up her own patisserie business in the future.

“This course allows me to know the basics of running a business, more so providing the knowledge of what to do and what not to do behind the scenes, such as the appropriate measures in Finance and how to keep track of orders.”

Every Friday from 9am-4pm, Steph gets the opportunity to put her knowledge to the test in a professional business environment, as she gains her work experience by working right here at Integrity Business College.

She believes by working in a professional business environment, it gives her the required hands-on knowledge for her future endeavours of running a successful patisserie. Steph’s work consists of providing a helping hand in completing enrolments and learning how to properly organise required files, involving archiving, scanning and photocopying.

Steph is a valued student and employee here at Integrity Business College, and we wish her all the best for her future endeavours, as well as success in completing her Certificate III in Business.