As all schools, Integrity Business College has been made to adapt their ways of delivering quality education to its students in 2020.

Throughout the pandemic, our school-based students have been transferred from Physical Classroom learning, to our online virtual platform. Students have been provided Microsoft Teams accounts, where classes are conducted, and regular communication with their trainers is prevalent.

School Based students, on their designated class days, are required to attend class from 10am – 1pm virtually. This is a big change of adaptation for our students, who are usually in the classroom from 9am – 4pm on their day of training. However, our students have adapted well, and have been happy with the transition to online learning.

Ryan Hallet, IT SBAT student sated “It was a smooth and seamless transition. We were allocated times throughout classes leading up to the change to better equip ourselves to online learning. We were provided with our Microsoft Teams accounts and were able to learn through the trainers on how it best operates. I quickly found through our first class, that the online system works perfectly and is easily accessible.”

Ella Schroeter, Business SBAT student, also enjoys virtual learning, and has praised the Integrity trainers. “I think it’s a successful model, its easy to get work done and there is obviously less distraction. The Integrity trainers helped massively and really make it worthwhile. Their expertise in the online learning platform is especially helpful.”

Outside of class times, our trainers are also available via Teams to communicate with the student with any help they may need with their work. Ella spoke highly of her trainer, Paul, who has been extremely helpful. “Paul is always available out of hours through Microsoft Teams. The communication through the platform is easy and efficient.”

Well done to all students on the transition, and a big thank-you to our trainers!

From all of us here at Integrity, stay safe and take care!