Nicole is a diligent young graduate with a strong work ethic. Having recently completed her traineeship with Matthews Steer and Integrity Business College, Nicole has sharpened her skills and developed her professionalism.

Reflecting on her training, Nicole shared “The course is very independent which I preferred as I could work at my own pace. The coursework related to my position here at Matthews Steer quite well, therefore I was able to use my training I had learnt from work and apply it to the coursework.” Nicole’s role as a Client Services Administrator requires attention and planning, which is why Nicole was attracted to Integrity’s virtual platform. “The virtual platform is a very smart design for people who aren’t able to attend classes due to full time work commitments or other commitments. The 3 hours of class was plenty of time to get any queries answered by the teacher and to get majority of questions answered or start on a project. It is very capable to complete this course within the time frame of 1 year if not earlier.”

Integrity is committed to empowering our students; we want building of skills, development of self, and increased professional confidence to allow our students to go out and make their mark in their industry. Commenting on her increased employability, Nicole told Integrity that. “It has made me feel more comfortable in my role and has taught me to have confidence in my knowledge and abilities. I am now a qualified administrator and have been offered a full time package here at Matthews Steer. While studying I have been taking on tasks that have been a lot more basic which I have found quite easy to process and have now started taking on a few more complicated tasks. I am very eager to expand my knowledge and take on more senior type tasks. It has helped me start my career in the business world… I brought greater employee relationship and client communication skills. The ability to produce letters to clients and emails that are professional and appropriate. I brought new ideas to Matthews Steer in regards to their current processes and how they could be utilized in a more effective way.” Not only has Nicole brought efficiencies and improvements to her role, Nicole has made it permanent. Integrity loves to see our students work hard and create these results for themselves and congratulates Nicole on her recent successes. Finishing up on her delight with Matthews Steer, Nicole explained one of the most enjoyable parts of her traineeship related to working “with a great team here and Matthews Steer and have formed relationships with people that could honestly last a life time. It is always enjoyable meeting new people and being told you are succeeding in a role and have a bright career within the company.”

Commenting on the environment fostered by Integrity, Nicole explained, “Everyone was very helpful and always wanted to know how I was travelling. I constantly had phone calls with Kaelene and meetings with Frances and Peter. It is a very supportive environment and you can tell they truly care about you and your succession.” Integrity seeks to support our students and we are pleased to see such a brilliant working relationship between Nicole and Kaelene, one of our experienced and motivated trainers. Nicole elaborated that, “Kaelene is an excellent teacher and helps in every way possible. She has so much knowledge to give and is such a down to earth person. She never made you feel dumb for needing help and would keep explaining the question to you until you understood it.”

Integrity wishes Nicole all the best with her career and professional development. Nicole has told us that, “I am very happy and grateful that I got the opportunity to take this course and will continue to use my knowledge from this course wherever possible. Thank you,” and Integrity could not be more pleased to have been part of Nicole’s journey.