Matthew has worked since November 2016 with the Yea High School ICT Technicians, who he describes as a “pleasure to work alongside” and undertook studies in a Certificate III in Information Digital Media and Technology all whilst completing his VCE. This challenge has led Matthew to reflect that he has “gained a substantial amount of knowledge regarding Information and Technology, which has helped me become a better apprentice and student not just with computers but also working alongside my teachers and colleagues and fellow students. This course has given me a more mature professional approach towards my working life.”

Matthew’s trainer Justin shared that “Matthew is a prime example of an SBAT student, he has the ongoing task of high-school and having a work placement as well as finishing the Certificate. Often during classes Matthew would come across issues that he was unable to fix, however, by the next week after determination and persistence he would come back to me and tell me he has fixed his issue. This is the great thing about SBAT, students are getting a hands on look at how things are working and they will often have that “A-HA” moment where everything just makes sense and they can find a resolution.” We love seeing the progress of our students and seeing them tie it all together. Matthew told us over the phone that his view of Integrity was “really good, lot of support”, so we caught up Ross Valentine, our SBAT co-ordinator who is key in providing that support, to seek his view on the great progress Matthew has made. Ross told us Matthew “worked with IT coordinator assisting with all the day to day IT issues and that needed addressing and attendance. He became a very valuable part of the team, to the point where the coordinator was absent the school staff called up Matthew to assist them with any IT concerns they had. He has now become a very valuable part of the IT department and is now looking to undertake further IT studies to develop to his skills.” We think it’s great that Matthew has developed his skills to well and look forward to seeing what he will do next.

Matthew kindly let us know that he would “definitely recommend taking this course to anyone who has an interest in IT and wants to make a career out of it. It has been a great experience to work with everyone at Integrity and I hope to work with them again in the following years with the next course to better educate myself in information technology.” When thinking about his employability and the difference that his studies have made to grow it, Matthew commented “this training has made a significant difference towards my future and it has opened up many doors for me in the IT profession. It has not only improved my management skills but I am now much more capable with dealing with complex issues. I also have full time employment opportunities after I finish my last year at Yea high School.” Integrity knows Matthew will be able to excel in any role he takes on. Congratulations Matthew!