Ashlee Collins, 19, has just recently completed her Traineeship, receiving her Certificate III in Business Administration with Integrity Business College. Ashlee was completed her traineeship while working with Campaspe Cohuna Learning and Local Employment Network (LLEN).

Ashlee continues to work with Campaspe Cohuna LLEN, and she believes that a variety of support from both Integrity and CCLLEN have given her the opportunity to succeed in her role at the company.

“Whilst completing my traineeship at Campaspe Cohuna LLEN I have been able to learn so much from other staff as they have helped me grow and develop my skills in the past year.”

“After completing my course, I feel like I have developed so many more skills and I am more confident in the workplace. All the units I completed in my course have been relevant to my workplace and I have been able to apply everything I have learnt into my job.”

Ashlee completed her training on a three week cycle through our online/virtual platform, and she says this was a big factor in enjoying her studies.

“I have never been a part of an online class but I found it really easy to get help with my assessments and it was a great way to complete my course. I was a very quiet student and I enjoyed to just work at my own pace, but I really enjoyed being able to sit down every three weeks and be a part of an online class”

Ashlee plans to continue her studies, by aiming to complete a Certificate IV in Business Administration, as she believes it will really help boost her knowledge and future plans going forward.

“I would like to further develop my skills and learn more about this area by completing a Certificate IV in Business Administration. I think this would help me gain more knowledge in this area and could really help me with my future.”

Anne Trickey, Executive Officer at Campaspe Cohuna LLEN, worked as Ashlee’s supervisor during her traineeship, and has praised Ashlee for her valued work in her role as Administrator.

“Ashlee has become a valuable member of our team. Ashlee was a diligent student during her traineeship and she continues to be eager to learn as she is now working with new programs to create resources for us.”

Peter Venables, Managing Director of Integrity Business College, is pleased to see Ashlee successfully complete her Certificate III in Business Administration as well as seeing her strive in the workplace.

“I remember completing the initial induction with Ashlee when she first started, and it has been terrific to see Ashlee grow as a person. It is great to see her valued by fellow staff members working at the Campaspe Cohuna LLEN.”

“It is extremely pleasing to see Integrity Business College play a part in Ashlee’s growth by providing her with her training.”

On behalf of Integrity Business College, congratulations to Ashlee on completing her Certificate III in Business Administration, as well as being so successful in her role within the workplace at Campaspe Cohuna LLEN.