Johanna has been tackling her Certificate III in Business with her trainer Dylan for just shy of a year and is almost through her studies! Working at Fuji Xerox DMS, Melbourne as an Office Administration Trainee, Johanna gave us the big picture of her studies, professional life, and skill development.

Telling us about her training experience, Johanna shared that she found it be “very good” and that “Dylan has been very helpful throughout my studies and provides very good real-world examples.” Continuing about her classroom, Johanna informed us she felt it “was very effective, as my trainer could discuss with me my questions and physically see what I was up to each lesson.”

Integrity knows skill development is one of the most important elements to improving employability and giving our students that professional edge. Johanna told us, “I now have skills developed in Word and Excel which are very real world and useful. Other networking and team work skills have been applied, but I mainly work by myself.” For Integrity, we’re hugely happy with this situation. We understand different work places and different roles require different levels of autonomous and team work. We seek to provide an atmosphere that will allow our students to develop in both directions so they can calmly assume new roles and adapt with ease. Johanna reinforced this, telling us that the environment at Integrity was “supportive with the trainer in the classroom” and that Dylan “was able to assist with questions and provided real world examples to help me better understand the questions. The classroom was proactive and it was good to be supported by other students.”

Reflecting on the satisfying moments of her studies, Johanna explained that “getting work assessed and marked as competent” and having “the units ticked off one by one and getting closer to completion” were the most enjoyable part of her study. With her graduation in sight, we hope the feeling of satisfaction continues and grows for Johanna in her future adventures.