Welcome to our latest series!

We’ve maintained a strong connection with numerous former students, and we’re excited to showcase the paths they’ve embarked on after graduating from Integrity Business College.

Michael Hughes began his studies with us back in 2011. He originally came to us as a school based trainee completing Certificate III in Information Technology and continued his learning journey by completing Certificate IV in Information Technology (Networking) and a Diploma of Information Technology with us .

Fast forward to 2023, Michael is the ICT Manager at Iona College Geelong and is supervising his very own Certificate IV in Information Technology trainee.

We recently had a conversation with Michael during which we asked him to share some insights and offer advice to individuals who are just beginning their careers.

Q: What qualification/s did you complete during your time as a student at Integrity Business College?
A:  I earned a Certificate III in Information Technology (SBAT), providing me with a strong foundation in IT basics. Building upon this, I pursued a Certificate IV in Information Technology with a focus on Networking, allowing me to gain practical insights into computer networks and security protocols. Lastly, I achieved a Diploma of Information Technology, where I delved into advanced topics like software development, database management, system analysis, and IT project management.

Q: How long has it been since you completed your studies with us?
A: I completed my studies with Integrity Business College in 2014!

Q: What advice would you offer to current students based on your experiences and career development?
A: When selecting your career path, ensure its a career your passionate about and one you want to continue to learn and grow in. Even if you believe that obtaining a qualification marks the end of learning, personal development, and upskilling, the reality is quite the opposite.

Q: Where are you currently employed, and how has the training contributed to your career?
A: In my current role as the ICT Manager at Iona College Geelong, the skills I acquired from my networking certificates have been invaluable. These certifications have equipped me to handle all aspects of networking and IT infrastructure management within the organisation.


Michael exemplifies the value of continuous education, and we look forward to a long-lasting collaboration with both him and Iona College for many years to come!