Frances began her career as a Trainer in 2012. She has been training happy and satisfied students at Integrity Business College in Business and Business Administration studies for over a year now and in her time has enriched Integrity and our students with her bright attitude, caring character, kind professionalism, and gentle humour. Frances works with all kinds of different study arrangements to support her students; she conducts interactive virtual workshops, in person classes, visits students at their workplaces to deliver units, provides her mobile number to her students, and is always ready to assist via phone or email. Frances is experienced as a trainer and has also been through her own studies, she can understand the journey her students are going through as she has been through it herself. Frances maintains her knowledge by regularly completing professional development courses and keeping up to date with the business latest theory.

Frances champions our virtual classrooms as a fantastic, interactive way for students to smash their studies. Frances has several reasons for seeing the virtual training platform this way, the great flexibility being one. “There is no travel time to factor in, students can attend class and talk with their Trainer and peers, and just a few minutes after finishing class are back to their work duties.” This lack of disruption gives students more chances to engage in their studies without compromising their availability for work and as Frances says, “provides continuity as the coursework and professional work crosses over”. Frances continued, “My students like technology and all things IT, the virtual classroom is a more modern approach and is the education of the future. It is flexible, and we are open to rearrange things as far as we can to fit our students.” The interactive classrooms and the coursework delivered in them engages the students to perform their best and translate those skills into their workplaces.

Frances shared that “getting to know my students, meeting students in person, seeing how happy they are to complete, visiting students at their work place, the relationship building is the best thing”. She also commented that it could be challenging when “students who are working hard to complete are facing difficulties outside of their studies, you care about that” and that she enjoys working with the Integrity team to try and accommodate everyone and help her students through challenges to completion. Frances loves it when students work together on the same unit and sometimes beat her to answering a question in the virtual classroom, “it’s great to see students work together and learn from and help each other.”

Frances looks forward to more satisfied, inspired students, more creative classes, and celebrating more hard earned completions in the second half of 2018 at Integrity with her students.