eResources is an IT company that has been operating in the Southwest Victoria region for more than 23 years. Since its establishment in 2000, eResources has been providing a comprehensive range of IT services to businesses, helping them effectively manage and harness the power of the latest technologies to enhance their operations.

Under the leadership of Managing Directors Rod Brugman & Steve Cope, eResources has cultivated a strong commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Recognising the importance of staying up to date with the rapidly evolving IT landscape, Rod & Steve have made it a priority to expand the knowledge and expertise of their staff. To achieve this, they have established a partnership with Integrity Business College, which has been the nominated training provider for eReources for the past 5 years.

Rod & Steve’s proactive approach to professional development enables the company’s staff to stay abreast of emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices. By investing in their employees’ knowledge and skills,

eResources maintains a competitive edge in the IT market and is better equipped to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional service to their clients.

Integrity Business College looks forward to its continued partnership with eResources and its staff for many years to come!

Pictured Left to right: Amelia MacDonald, Jayden Parker, Tanah Anderton, Michael Dickson and Managing Director Rod Brugman

Left to Right