25 year old Caitlin Bollard has recently completed her Certificate III in Business at Integrity Business College, working as a trainee at KS Environmental Group. Caitlin was hired as a Human Resources Trainee, however has since been promoted to a Human Resources Officer upon completion of her traineeship.

Caitlin previously worked in the Hospitality industry for 8 years, however wanted a career change and saw an opportunity to complete a traineeship at KS Environmental Group. Caitlin believes this would be a step in the right direction, as it would provide her working life with greater opportunity.

“I wanted to work in an industry that would allow me to grow and make a career for myself. Throughout my Traineeship I was able to gain my position as a Human Resources Officer, and I believe I have found a career that suits my skill set. Integrity allowed me to learn and practise the necessary skills needed to ensure I was not only capable, but confident in my role here.”

Integrity provided Caitlin with the necessary knowledge and skills in her training, so she could directly apply these essential skills in her everyday role within the Waste Industry.

“Working in the Waste Industry, there is a lot of risk associated with our employees, and it’s part my job to ensure OH&S policies and procedures are being followed. Throughout my traineeship, the content within assignments allowed me to ensure my organisational skills were always being enforced. When it comes to safety, being disorganised isn’t an option.”

However Caitlin says she gained the most out of Integrity through the flexible training program that is provided, which can be specifically tailored to the students industry of interest.

“It was very beneficial to be able to tailor my assignments directly to my workplace. By being able to relate the content from my traineeship directly to my everyday tasks allowed me to complete my assignments on time.”

Managing Director of Integrity Business College, Peter Venables, has been thrilled with Caitlin’s progress in completing her traineeship with KS Environmental.

“It was terrific to see Caitlin finish her Certificate III in Business, as KS Environmental has an admirable business culture. Ken Bannan, Caitlin’s workplace supervisor, is very passionate about training, and Integrity Business College is thrilled to have helped Caitlin with her personal development, through obtaining her qualification.”

Congratulations to Caitlin on obtaining her Certificate III in Business, it is a wonderful achievement!