Tuesday 26th of November was a proud night for the staff and students of Integrity Business College, as completed school based students graduated from their completion of their courses in either a Certificate III in Business or Information Technology.

Attendees enjoyed the night at Marvel Stadium in Docklands, where 140 people were in attendance to congratulate the students on their hard-working year.

The night consisted of guest speakers, such as Steve Bryson (Rail Systems Alliance) speaking on the benefits of the workplace component of the School Based traineeship, as throughout 2019, Rail Systems Alliance provided 5 students the opportunity to work on Melbourne’s new Metro tunnel being built throughout the city. In 2020, because of the benefits the SBATs provide, Steve Bryson has agreed to take on an extra two students, where in 2020, seven lucky students have been provided the opportunity to work on Victoria’s biggest ever project.

Ollie Gladwell (MEGT) also spoke of the benefits that a School Based Traineeship provide, while two SBAT students had the chance to speak about their year, with Business student Jessica Romeo and IT student Alexander Triandafillou speaking on their experience through undertaking an SBAT.

The class of 2019 also saw the introduction of the inaugural Bob McIver Encouragement award, where atEast student, Alexander Triandafillou was called to the dais once more, and was awarded the honour. This was awarded to Alexander for his “demonstration of dedication and commitment throughout their School Based Traineeship, shown both in the workplace and training.” Congratulations to Alexander on his great year.

On behalf of Integrity Business College, we would like to congratulate all students who had graduated on their year, and for completing their School Based Traineeship.

Congratulations to the class of 2019!