Amy Clarke has taken on the world in the last year and really made it her own. Working at the Melbourne Institute of Technology during her Certificate III in Business traineeship with the experienced supervision of manager Thara Shimoga, Amy developed her skills massively, and we had the privilege to hear her full story. “The experience I have had over the past year has made me grow tremendously, as well as improving my employability and taught me how to manage working with study. The team I am working with at MIT have helped me grow throughout the traineeship experience as they have been very supportive and flexible throughout the process to ensure I was keeping well up-to-date with all of my units.” Hearing students talk of growth and learning to balance their study, work, and life always makes us proud and we can cheer for our students as they put it all together.

In one of the most exciting parts of her journey, Amy tells us that the flexibility at MIT and time management skills she has developed by juggling work and study “will come in handy when I begin my Bachelor of Business course in July. I am still going to be working with MIT full time, where I have now moved up to an Administrative Assistant, and will be conducting my studies online.” Education and skills expansion is our passion at Integrity, we are so thrilled for Amy tackling a Bachelor’s degree in only a few short weeks! On top of that, to have performed so well that she has been promoted at MIT and continuing work after her traineeship, Amy’s story really is marvellous and we wish her every success. Telling us that “I started this traineeship with my first full-time job at MIT. I had only just moved to Melbourne at 18 years old with my boyfriend… As a result of the training I have completed, I have gained many new skills using Microsoft word and Excel. It has helped me progress with my work at Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT) by becoming more confident in my use of workplace technologies, as well as contributing in the workplace itself. I have also gained a lot of self confidence throughout this whole experience. This has developed through pushing myself out of the boundaries I am not used to, by moving to a new city, meeting new people and progressing in a new workplace.” At a time when so much has been changing and challenging, Integrity couldn’t be happier that Amy’s studies with us has allowed her to expand her self confidence, professionalism, and furnished her with the skills to keep chasing the business world.

There’s not a bad word to find about Amy and her can do attitude, Thara Shimoga, who supervised and managed Amy during her traineeship told us, “Amy was employed to work at the Academic Services area for Melbourne Institute of Technology as an Administrative Assistant Trainee. She was always looking for opportunities to learn, teachable, very quick to grasp new concepts and worked with dedication, commitment and integrity. Amy also demonstrated excellent team spirit and was well liked and respected by her peers. Amy was able to complete her traineeship within the given time frame and is now been offered a full-time working opportunity at MIT. As Amy’s reporting Manager, I am not only thrilled but also proud of her success and achievements. I wish nothing but the very best for Amy and I believe Amy would achieve even greater successes in life as well as her career.” The only sad part to this tale is that we no longer have the pleasure of teaching Amy and will miss her at Integrity. We wish Amy all the best and such good luck, not that she’ll need it!