Amber began her Certificate III in Business in May of 2017 whilst working at ATEP as an Administrative Assistant. Amber kindly caught up with us to run through some questions about her time with Integrity. With excellent reports from her trainer Frances and glowing feedback from ATEP, Amber has built herself to stand steady in the professional world, so much so that her hard work has earned her full time administrative employment with ATEP! ATEP accurately illustrated Amber to us as “a young and vibrant approach” in their office. When asked what changes she noticed to her skills and employability, Amber commented that her traineeship has helped her to “time manage and prioritise tasks. It has also taught me how to manage working with study.” Elaborating with what her traineeship allowed her to bring to the workplace, Amber told us that she has honed her “organisation and problem solving skills”. Naturally, Integrity strongly encourages education and further study options, we love to hear that our model allows young people to develop study balance skills that they can carry with them to the ends of their careers. “Before gaining this opportunity I had not experienced the business line of work”, Amber said. For someone who had no industry experience at their beginning to complete their study not only with a sound understanding of business but also with a full time role is a huge testament to Amber’s success.

Discussing the system and process used by Integrity, Amber explained that “Frances was able to assist me when I needed help. Whether it be a phone call or an email, she always re-worded assessment questions to give me better understanding”, and even though “the course work at times was difficult,” Amber told us that it was “such a relief once complete” and that having the ”online training sessions give you enough time to ask questions and get help to submit assessments”. Amber continued, speaking of trainer Frances, that she was always “very welcoming every time I logged on for a session. Frances was always a quick responder to my email enquires outside of session times.” Integrity understands the significant link between trainer and how they provide support to the whole student experience, our trainers are constantly in touch with our students making sure they are supported, in the loop, and given the chance to communicate and ask questions.

Even the struggles of at times difficult coursework and juggling that against busy periods at work, Amber and her amazing attitude kept moving forward and took enjoyment from “completing projects” because “it’s always fun doing some sort of practical hands on” work. This demonstrates Amber’s ability to take on a challenge and shows her enthusiasm; by entwining her approach of finding satisfaction in getting through the curved balls a day can present, Amber has shown professionalism, an open, positive attitude, and her maturity. Amber continued that she enjoyed the feeling she had “when submitting an assessment after thinking it was impossible to complete.” Seeing Amber’s journey of work, struggle, and achievement is a point of pride for Integrity. “It’s such a relief when you realise you can do it!” was a point of Amber’s that stuck out to us to perfectly encapsulate what we’re wanting to bring to our students; challenge and growth with brilliant achievement.

Amber told us she would choose Integrity Business College for further study as “Integrity were great in helping me complete my certificate III in Business”. ATEP echoed this sentiment and let us know that “we would definitely look at another trainee in the future” because the experience of having a trainee was “really good” and that it was “especially helpful having an extra pair of hands to help out with the day to day running of the business”. ATEP went on to say that Amber had “absolutely” helped achieve the goals that had been set for the traineeship and that it “overall was a great experience. Integrity were always very professional and willing to help our trainee”. We aim to deliver consistent, reliable, and quality support and service for our hosts so that our trainees can get the absolute most out of their workplace. It’s wonderful to know the details of how well Amber has done and we can’t wait to keep training up our students so they can reflect back on an experience as enjoyable and empowering as Amber’s.