In 2019, our newly enrolled SBAT students all have a range of career goals they wish to achieve upon completion of their School Based Traineeship.

Aleksi Ziskov, 17, has the clear intention of eventually being recruited into Victoria’s Police Force. Aleksi’s role consists of a variety of task that directly correlates to her desired career. These roles include daily filing, setting up court rooms, dealing with restraining orders and arrest warrants involving family violence cases. However, Aleksi’s most valuable knowledge comes from learning off the justice systems finest.

“At the courts I socialise with police officers, police prosecutors, custody officers, protective service officers, lawyers and security. By talking with these individuals from different occupations I’ve learned and gained important information and advice to help me not just to join the police force, but to be the best police officer I can possibly be.”

Aleksi, once she has completed her SBAT, aims to gain further experience within Victoria’s Justice System through gaining a job working as a Correctional Officer at one of the states prisons. Aleksi wishes to gain this experience before applying for the Police Force;

“After I’ve completed my SBAT course, I’d like to work in a prison for a year as a correctional officer to gain further experience before joining the police force when I am 19 years old. This would be my ideal career path that I would like to commence as soon as possible.”

Coming to Integrity Business College once a week to complete her course work, Aleksi has thoroughly enjoyed her studies to date. Her training is constantly providing her with a challenge and is always learning new concepts and techniques and believes this is all essential going forward.

“This all helps me to be set up for my future, I am developing further life skills such as communication, time management technology and employability skills, which will all help me achieving my desired employment path.”

Through her involvement so far in a traineeship, Aleksi has provided some sound advice for those thinking of undertaking a School Based Traineeship.

“The advice I would give those thinking about undertaking a traineeship is to do a course that will help and benefit them to reach their future career goal as it will help increase their motivation and increase.”

Here at Integrity Business College, we would like to congratulate Aleksi on doing so well in her traineeship, as well as creeping closer to achieving her end goal. We also wish her all the best in her future endeavours in becoming a Police Officer as well as a Prison Corrections officer. Well Done Aleksi!