Integrity Business College recently had our first cohort of students successfully complete our VETiS 2020 VET Credit Program. We have had students from a number of schools enrolled in our program to help them gain their much needed VET Hours to complete their Year 12 Certificate. 

Kara Russell from Patterson River Secondary College, spoke about the benefit of completing the course, and what it means for her going forward.

“This VETiS course  provided me with a wider knowledge into the business world. However, the purpose of enrolling into this provided course, was too gain my required hours for 2020 to receive my VCAL certificate. Having not enjoyed my previous course, this course allowed me to receive the required hours to help me going forward. Through this, I discovered that my intention is to do the full business qualification in 2021.”

Sarah Neagle, VCE & VCAL Learning Specialist at Bacchus Marsh College, had three students requiring their VET Hours, and speaks about how the course provided helped these students.

“Integrity Business College enabled our students to satisfy their industry specific skills VCAL strand during the challenging 2020 year. We had three students whom transitions from VCE to VCAL, without VET credits, and Integrity Business College enabled them to achieve success in a supportive and structured way.”

This course provides students with their required VET Credit by completing the single unit BSBITU313 – Design & Produce Digital text documents, which is a total of 90 Nominal Hours. Alternative units can also be discussed upon enquiry for those that done require the full 90 Hours. This unit is suitable for a range of students by easily being contextualized to suit their aspiring careers and interests.

Our trainers are equipped with skills, knowledge and experience in delivering online learning, and are able to deliver quality training to all students through the use of our virtual platform using Microsoft Teams. Students are able to attend weekly classes to work through the unit content with their trainer as well as the ability to contact for additional assistance outside of class times– either with instant messaging or teams ‘calls.

Class times and days are flexible, and can be discussed with our team upon enquiry. Integrity has the capacity to get students signed up and started on a rolling intake with the goal of this being a 6 week program from the date of commencement.

Classes will run into the second week of December (depending on demand) to account for potential revised data submission dates. Integrity will continue to take enrolments until the first week of November 2020.

This program is specifically designed to help students complete their VCAL hours for 2020 and successfully pass their Year 11 & 12 requirements. 

If interested, and for more details, please contact:

Dylan Venables (Operations Manager)  

Landline: 1300 731 451 

Or complete the form at the below link to express your students interest.