We are thrilled to announce our Student of the Month!

Congratulations to Aleyna Hendricks who is currently completing a traineeship in BSB30120 – Certificate III in Business with Paramount Conveyancing Practice Pty Ltd. 

Aleyna’s work ethic and commitment to her education have been unwavering, as she has continually shown exceptional performance at work, actively participated in class, and maintained a positive attitude.

We had the opportunity to interview Aleyna and gain insight into her perspective on the course, as well as learn a bit more about her. Below are her thoughts and responses to our questions.

What have you gained most so far from your traineeship at Integrity?
Studying with Integrity has been a great opportunity. It has provided me with unconditional support and assistance when in need of help with a unit. The process of the course has been smooth, and the work has been informative.

What do you enjoy most about the course?
Being able to work at my own pace during classes and use my time with my trainer efficiently.

What skills have you gained through your traineeship that you can directly apply into your workplace?
I believe my time management skills have improved since beginning my traineeship with Integrity. Being able to incorporate study in with my workload has become easier.

What does your role entail?
I am currently undertaking the role of a conveyancer. I assist clients with the legal side of either selling or purchasing property.

What advice can you give anyone who is thinking about undertaking a traineeship?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, your trainer is there to help you achieve your best!

Would you recommend Integrity?
I would 100% recommend integrity! The way the courses are run and the way your trainers are always accessible for assistance is amazing. It makes the course so much easier.

How do you find our Online Virtual training – is it something you would recommend?
I personally love the online virtual training. It works well with my workload at my job and allows me to stay on track with everything while also being able to be present at work.

How do you find working and training together at the same time, is it beneficial?
Working and training together seemed daunting before I started the course with integrity. However, my course trainer and boss have made the whole experience exceptionally easy, allowing me to use my work and study time efficiently.

We are delighted to express our pride in Aleyna for consistently submitting high-quality work. It is truly exciting to witness her growth and development, and we look forward to seeing where her talents and dedication will lead her in the future.