Integrity has developed an IT centric approach to our courses. We see the growing world of technology and understand the importance of capturing changes and monitoring how industries move into the technological world to ensure our courses are relevant. Our Certificate III in Information Technology is one of our most popular courses with students from all backgrounds and experiences in IT enrolled. This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be confident and competent in a wide range of general information and communications technology technical functions and to achieve a healthy degree of self-sufficiency as an advanced information and communications technology user. This course can be delivered as both part of a traineeship or as a non trainee.

Integrity actively watches Australian industries to ensure our courses are up to date with the latest developments. Our trainers have both industry experience and strong teaching backgrounds, allowing our delivery to be cutting edge and giving our students a glow that sets them apart.

We offer units that comprehensively cover the areas listed below.

  • Participate effectively in WHS communication and consultative processes
  • Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Work and communicate effectively in an IT environment
  • Create user documentation
  • Install and optimise operating system software
  • Operate application software packages
  • Connect internal hardware components
  • Identify and use current industry-specific technologies
  • Provide network systems administration
  • Identify and resolve network problems
  • Configure and administer a network operating system
  • Administer network peripherals
  • Install and manage network protocols
  • Evaluate characteristics of cloud computing solutions and services
  • Install, configure and secure a small office home office network
  • Provide IT advice to clients
  • Run standard diagnostic tests

Integrity conducts assessment as an ongoing part of our courses, we do not have one large exam to prepare for, but a series of assignments that specifically and consistently measure your progress and help you hone your skills to be even sharper. This takes away stress from our students and allows us to isolate strengths and weaknesses easily in order to better develop our students. Integrity regularly checks in with our students to help strengthen areas that need improvement and we maximise the development of existing skills to give our students that professional edge.

To find out more, please call us on 1300 731 451 or download our brochure here.