Madelyn Andrew is a star student and recent graduate of Integrity’s Certificate III in Business. Working at Haven; Home, Safe in Bendigo as a Trainee Finance Officer, Madelyn caught up with Integrity to give us the big picture on what “has been the opportunity of a lifetime”, detailing her traineeship, working in the business world, and where she is going to take her strengthened skills.

Maddy began by describing her experiences as an Integrity student. “I thoroughly enjoyed my training through Integrity, the online platform let me progress at my own pace and didn’t take too much time away from my work, as my training was a workplace certificate, it gave me the freedom to work on my work when I needed to and vice versa with my classwork. My trainer was also very understanding of this, Kaelene kept my mind wandering back to my classwork and this reminded me constantly of what it was I was learning about, and how to use it in my day to day work.” Moving on to the environment provided by Integrity, Maddy told us “It feels like a family, everyone is relaxed, connected and communicates well. Trainers to office staff, to management which made things very easy between my organisation and Integrity.” Integrity loves to hear about our trainers helping guide our students forward and building their focus towards their careers. Making links between study and real world application of that learning is part of our practical approach and we’re delighted to see how Maddy thrived under it.

Discussing her employability, Maddy revealed, “Before Haven; Home, Safe and this traineeship, I had been in hospitality for many years. Although I have standard computer / literacy / numeracy skills from school and life. This traineeship has set me up with the most essential business, communication and program skills to begin a career in a professional field.  Without this opportunity I would not have the skillset to apply for positions above this traineeship.” Elaborating on how she has been able to make the role her own and shine in it, Maddy told us, “I have been able to be involved in the completion of tasks and roles above my expectations and within the bounds of the Assistant Accountant and Rent Accountant roles.  I feel I have contributed greatly to the functionality of the finance team as a whole within the organisation.” Continuing on the virtual platform Integrity champions, Maddy explained, “I’m a very independent worker and this method suited me perfectly, I feel that if I was someone who needed to be really pushed to get my work done that also would have been the case. As my trainer and I grew to know each other the relationship around my classwork was moulded to who I am, and it was a huge relief to feel supported and yet understood that we’re all different and all learn differently. So the parts of Integrity’s training that I really needed help with, were there and the parts I was more confident in, were relaxed.” Integrity constantly strives to help our students build their own professional launch pad and catapult themselves from a strong trajectory to hit the ground running when they start their careers. We couldn’t be happier for Maddy and all her hard work sprouting into a new wave of opportunities and growth.

Integrity also spoke with Haven; Home, Safe about Maddy’s study and role as a Trainee Finance Officer. “One of our primary aims of taking on trainees is to give a trainee the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that will lead them into further employment.  This was achieved and is evidenced by Maddy recently being recruited to a new sales role with a local real estate agency. We also like to see trainees complete the work assigned to them to the best of their abilities. Maddy certainly did this and was a real asset to our team.” Giving further details on what Maddy injected into her role at Haven; Home, Safe, “Maddy brought a level of enthusiasm and work ethic to the workplace that made her a very valued member of the team. She was keen to learn and embraced new tasks and challenges as she encountered them.” Integrity loves working with Haven; Home, Safe and looks forward to a future where more young trainees develop their skills, grow their resumes, and build their professional skills into a solid foundation from which to launch their bright futures. Integrity is particularly thrilled for Maddy beginning her career in Real Estate and wish her the best luck and greatest fortune for this new chapter in her story.

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